When was the last time you bought a solo ad expecting great results?

"Why Should You Bother Buying
Risky Clicks When You
Can Get Guaranteed Results
At No Risk Whatsoever?"

How Can This One-Man-Show Traffic Agency
Blow World-Famous Solo Ad Providers
Out Of The Water Time After Time
With His Small Yet Highly Potent Email List?

Dear Troubled Online Marketer,

I say "troubled" because I know you're surrounded by sharks who expect you to carry all the risk. Who give you no guarantees. And who refuse to appreciate the stress you're dealing with on daily basis trying to make your online business pump out some profits.

Well, I have some incredibly good news for you!

For several months I've been giving out risk-free "traffic tastes" from my email list to anyone who's tired of investing in under-performing clicks.

The difference between my traffic and other so-called solo ad providers' clicks is like the difference between schoolyard football and pro football - it's not even the same game!

"We're Digging Your Traffic, Danny!"

What's my secret?

How can my relatively small list consistently outperform solo ad providers with large email databases they've been nurturing for years?

Unlike many solo ad providers who buy solo ads to build a list to sell solo ads (that sounds kind of stupid, but that's cold hard truth), I build and nurture my list differently.

The purpose of your advertising is to get customers.

And how can you generate customers if you're advertisers to freebie seeking beaten to death lists?

Is there any wonder most solo ads don't convert for you?

But what if you placed your offer in front of a list of prospects who responded to an offer, swiped their credit card and committed to a purchase? What if you advertised to real buyers. Not some broke freebie seekers?

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Getting buyers is easy.

Yet 99% of solo ad sellers can't do it, because it requires a skill.

You see, there's only one way to qualify a buyer and that is to sell something.

My mentor taught me early on that a foundation to a responsive list is a product, an offer, value for which my customers are willing to exchange their money.

So I spent the next six months producing a product, developing an offer, writing a sales letter, creating a sales funnel, writing a follow up sequence and tweaking this complex web-selling system until it produced buyers day in and day out.

My list started growing every day and my traffic purchases paid for themselves most of the time. Occasionally I'd still lose a few dollars, but I'd quickly make those up on the back end and through my follow up sequence.

At first I celebrated.

So that's what freedom feels like.

To be able to buy and ad, convert the traffic and reinvest the profits into another ad. Rinse and repeat.

Soon I stumbled into another issue...

Okay, Now What?

I was making sales every day, but I knew I was leaving a lot of money on the table.

I've had all these buyers emailing me every day asking for more.

More advice, more coaching, more income opportunities.

It made me realize the truth of the age-old marketing axiom a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.

Buyers buy. That's just what they do. And as long as I kept offering them something of value that helped them reach their goals, they were willing to pour their money and time into it.

Why I Decided To Allow
Other Marketers To Advertise To
My List List Risk-Free

I didn't intend to sell advertising at first.

But after sharing the results from a promotion I've done to my list for an affiliate program on a CPA network with a friend, he insisted I allowed him to rent my list for a promotion of his own.

He said he's been trying to find decent traffic for months and that all he was getting was deadbeat leads who don't respond to his offer.

I agreed and asked what was he willing to pay.

He offered me 50 cents per visitor, which is where the market average for solo ads. I said okay, although I was producing about $1.00-$1.15 per click when mailing to my own products.

I was curious to see how it goes.

Could he get great results from my list?

I set two conditions:

1. I write the email copy because it's my list

2. I have the right to veto his offer if I don't feel it's good enough for my list

What Happened Next Will Shock You

He showed me his offer and I liked it.

It was a business opportunity which takes people from zero to hero in 90 days. I've seen it before. My buddy promoted it as an affiliate.

He said the program offers a high ticket backend, so he just neede one or two back end sales to cover the cost and then some.

I wrote the email and we ran it.

It took me a couple of days to deliver all the promised traffic. I really hoped it worked. I message him asking how it went and he said he didn't know because his tracking link didn't work, but he seen a ton of new leads in his autoresponder.

Now we had to wait for a few days to see if any of these turn into high ticket sales.

We didn't talk the next few days and I sort of forgot all about it.

Then I get a message from him in the middle of the night:

"This is crazy. I just checked my stats. 4 sales and 2 upgrades. Your list is awesome. This is by the far the most I've gotten from a solo ad. I'd like to buy out your entire inventory asap!"

Can I Do The Same For You?

After such a huge success I decided to give this whole solo ads thing a shot.

I figured I could probably do a better job than those shady click pushers who hit people up on Facebook all day long begging to take their clicks at $0.30.

And to prove it, I've been giving out traffic taste at no risk to marketers who need urgent help with their lead generation.

Are You Next?

Can I help you generate more leads and more sales than you ever dreamed possible at zero risk?

I don't know, but I'd love to chat and find out.

If we're a good fit, I'll quickly bring you up to speed about how my traffic works, what the costs are and what's your guarantees.

If not, we'll shake hands and part ways.

Submit the form below and I'll be in touch with you soon with more details about how to put your lead generation on autopilot at zero risk.
Fill out my online form.

"Want To Skyrocket Your Chances To Make Sales? Test Drive The Buyer List"

"Trying Maximize Your Results With Each Campign? Get Buyers From 100% Tier 1 Countries Only"

No Third World Outsourced Support!

I don't take days off and I am too young to tie myself down with family commitments.

My focus is to deliver the best possible service and the highest value to my clients, because I believe you are my asset.

You - the client.

You're making it possible for me to enjoy the laptop lifestyle and I would like to thank you with dedicated personal customer care.

Which is why I promise you and I will chat personally. No third world third party support reps. You'll be talking directly with the source.

If you don't hear back from me within a day, please send me a Facebook message or please email at [email protected]

To your success,
Danny White

P.S. I'm volunteering to carry all the risk on my shoulders to guarantee you the peace of mind you need to grow your business predictably, safely and without risk.

I'm going to get personally involved with your business, marketing funnels and list building strategy, in order to make sure you get the best results.

This means I can only serve so many clients at one time.

So if you're interested in linking arms, please reach out a.s.a.p, before I have to either shut this offer down or stop taking new clients for a little while.